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Team Profile – Acteavo

If there’s one company that can certainly appreciate the benefits of the StartLocal incubator program that is designed to support tech startups, it is surely Acteavo. Describing itself as “a highly flexible reservation and management tool”, Acteavo is simply the easiest way for tour and activity companies to take bookings.

The Acteavo booking and management software is useful for any company that specialises in activity-centered tours, from bike tours and hiking tours to boat tours and alpaca trekking. The Acteavo software is invaluable to such businesses in helping them to manage booking flow.Acteavo Team Shot

An arduous journey to today’s thriving company

But of course, the Acteavo story thus far has not been without challenges – the biggest of all, according to co-founder and CEO Olan O’Sullivan, simply being the company’s management of its own expectations. O’Sullivan said that it was “frustrating” that certain things took longer than he had hoped, while conceding that this was normal for startups.

He said that it was “part of the challenge” that a startup “can’t push too hard”, adding that it was important for such businesses to moderate their own expectations, stay clear on their final vision and ensure that what they are delivering is of a high standard.

O’Sullivan said that his own firm’s biggest challenge over the next three months was to scale up the business at the same time as keeping customers happy and increasing the functionality of the product that it is constantly developing and refining.

A productive learning experience

O’Sullivan also advised start-ups to “learn to embrace the rollercoaster. Stuff happens, things go wrong.” He said that he had certainly learned to be measured and stick to a long-term plan in running Acteavo, amid such highs as gaining a customer, and such lows as losing a key member of the team.

In telling start-ups that playing the long game “keeps you going”, O’Sullivan also advised them to “Take the highs when they’re there, but don’t run away with yourself. When lows come, understand it’s a cycle.” He also said that it was imperative for those starting their own business to “find a couple of people you trust and get moving.” He observed that there was a tendency for new business owners to think that they can analyse their business and know exactly what they can do, only to later realise that the sheer scale of the challenges involved creates a need to share the burden.

Great software, resulting from a great experience

O’Sullivan was also quick to praise the StartLocal incubator program, describing his experience as “fantastic”. Not only was the scheme in a “great location in Dublin”, he said, but it also offered “good space with good companies, giving an opportunity to “learn from those around you”. He hailed it as a “great place” to bring both customers and future staff members, as well as the perfect “shop front” to sell the business from.

As for why the customer should opt for Acteavo instead of the competition, he said that the company covered “all of the day to day pains and strains. Booking is at the core for us, but really it’s about giving people more time so they can concentrate on giving great customer experiences.”

All in all, he said that Acteavo represented “one simple to use system” for tour and activity companies requiring the perfect means of taking bookings.

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