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Team Profile – Bizimply

When you read the word ‘Bizimply’, two separate terms will probably emerge in your mind: ‘Business’ and ‘simply’. That’s no accident, as Bizimply really is about making business simple, via the complete online software platform for managing one’s daily business life.

Bizimply is particularly targeted at restaurants, bars and hotels, offering such functionality as the clocking of attendance in and out, the scheduling of meetings and all-round HR management. It is the first company to do all of this in the cloud.

Indeed, what of the firm itself? Well, it was only founded back in 2011 by Gerard Forde, John Forde and Norman Hewson – individuals with considerable experience in and passion for the service industry. Today, it is based in the heart of Dublin, in the NDRC beside the world-famous Guinness Storehouse.

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More about the background of Bizimply

It has been quite a journey from humble startup status to major success in just a few years, with more than a little help from the StartLocal incubator program. Gerard Forde said that the firm’s biggest challenge thus far had been “building a big product on a limited budget”, describing Bizimply as an “enterprise solution” rather than a “consumer product”, albeit one brought into being by a small team.

Forde said that the next challenge was to scale the business internationally – again, not a modest task, given that his team’s expertise is very much in tech, not marketing. There was therefore a clear need, he said, to “hire in various people” and adopt a more systematic approach to the management of sales profits.

Much learned through the highs and lows of business growth

Forde urged those in the similar position of starting their own business to not “give up” and instead “keep going even when it feels like a challenge.” He also gave the perhaps initially confusing advice that startups should “listen to customers, but don’t listen to them”, clarifying that with some customers always wanting more and the company inevitably wanting to give them more, it was vital to find the right balance.

“Think local” was another golden nugget of startup advice from Forde, who recommended pricing in dollars on the basis that “everyone understands it.” He had several more tips for new business owners, however, including to only hire the best chief technology officer (CTO) that one can possibly get – and that if they’re expensive, they should be taken on as a founder.

Another imperative course of action, according to Forde, is to “hire amazing people and keep them motivated – even when you have no money yourself and your head is down.”

Great leaps forward with StartLocal’s help

Effusive praise was forthcoming from Forde for StartLocal, which had “been fantastic” and “great” for a company seeking a new direction, having already previously had an office. Close proximity to the sales business of FCR Media proved a particular boon for Bizimply.

All in all, the StartLocal scheme has helped to build the modern-day Bizimply into a highly formidable business and associated HR file maintenance software. Bizimply’s “simplicity” was its big secret, said Forde, which he described as a “simple to use solution” able to be “set up in minutes”.

Bizimply makes possible the management of the whole people side in one application, keeping everything nicely in one place in the cloud. This enables the head office to see it as soon as someone clocks in, for example. It’s difficult to think of a superior such solution on the market – and StartLocal played an instrumental role in making that so.

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